DPimaging has been creating high quality multimedia solutions for over 30 years.  The first fifteen in the traditional film based world, and the last fifteen in the present digital realm.  I’ve always looked forward to the challenge of creating imagery with impact and effect, from the “straight forward” to more “complex and dramatic”.  The highest priority has always been providing artistic and compelling photographic and video/multimedia productions that successfully communicate the clients’ ideas into visual reality.  Great value has always been placed on customer service as a key ingredient to a productive client/vendor relationship.  Building these long term relationships have been done by understanding our clients’ product, direction and vision.

Fully embracing the digital advances made in the multimedia industry has allowed my clientele to experience faster project turnaround along with increases in artistic versatility and quality.  Being a  photographic artist who enjoys the process of creating, combined with my experience in the field, has enabled me to turn my clients’ vision into art.

DAVID PETTY – Visual Imaging Artist